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Not quite.

molasses: made a video of it, but you can't really see/hear anything. so.
documentary: made a video of it, but it's too big to upload.
tordol: suggested to people with no reply whatsoever, not even a change of subject. D:

I'LL WORK ON IT. Tyler and I had all this junk ready for the molasses one too. I'll maybe hand that one in really late, next weekend? Okay it wasn't anything elaborate, but we practiced it a bit and then didn't get around to recording it. And I don't wanna do it myself, he can.

This Week's Tasks:

  • Get someone (you, a friend or otherwise.. although if it's you NO THINKING OF IT IN ADVANCE) to list ten different kinds of doughnuts in.. 15 seconds.

  • Make the tea/coffee video we discussed.

  • Sing a song from Your Childhood. It can be a theme song to a show you watched, or some educational thing you learned in school, or something you randomly remember, whatevs.

  • Take three (3) CANDID photos of people you don't know. They don't have to be doing anything particularly interesting, the point is we're creepy and take stalker photos. Go kathleenies! <3

    These are due next Monday. That's February 5!

    Thanks guys.

    AS A SIDENOTE. Spice this community up, decide what we actually officially wanna do with it? Recruit folks/ how do we convince people it's worth joining? =\
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