Pip (pipipipipip) wrote in kathleenies,

a followup to april 29, 2007:

not editing HA HA

[21:13] nonsensical tea: UGHHHH
[21:13] spidermonkeyfun: lmao
[21:13] nonsensical tea: I cannot stop rolling my eyes
[21:13] nonsensical tea: COME ON
[21:14] nonsensical tea: I was in grade 12, he's less than a year older than me.
[21:14] nonsensical tea: I *hate* when people use the "We're not in high school anymore, guys" when you're like.. barely out of highschool.
[21:14] spidermonkeyfun: me too
[21:14] spidermonkeyfun: lmao
[21:14] spidermonkeyfun: they all do
[21:14] nonsensical tea: I had a kid in my class in a couple classes at the uof r that i graduated grade 12 with and he always said that. "it's not like we're high school kids, i can't believe ___ would act like that" etc
[21:15] nonsensical tea: So fucking annoying.
[21:15] spidermonkeyfun: "guys, this isnt high cshool anymore. no more drama."
[21:15] nonsensical tea: WE'RE STILL YOUNG AND IGNORANT
[21:15] spidermonkeyfun: yeah really
[21:16] nonsensical tea: -.-
[21:17] spidermonkeyfun: Fucking high schoolers.
[21:17] nonsensical tea: So immature.
[21:17] nonsensical tea: Like, grow up already.
[21:18] spidermonkeyfun: Like, this isn't high school anymore
[21:18] spidermonkeyfun: We're like, in community college and stuff now.
[21:20] nonsensical tea: You got it.
[21:20] nonsensical tea: Totally. Wanna go to the hookah bar?
[21:20] spidermonkeyfun: Yeah, but first I have to ask my mom.
[21:21] nonsensical tea: Tell her my mom's driving us. She said she will if I make room in the station wagon.
[21:21] spidermonkeyfun: lmao
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