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new assignment of sorts.

since i just got this idea, i decided to turn it into an Assignment. Of Sorts. hence the title. (AOS)

OUR task is to find songs that include the notion of Gettin' By, which must be referred to specifically in the lyrics of the song. this can be any form of gettin' by, but it must be gettin' by.

Sample 1 and Only:

I know you're wise beyond your years,
but do you ever get the feel
that your perfect verse is just a lie
you tell yourself to help you Get By

The Postal Service/Clark Gable.

you must also bold the exact words AS I DID, and tell us what song/artist is responsible for including our idea. so we may sue them! just kiiidddinnng.

the snippets may be logged as replies to this post for now, but will eventually be compiled into something Bigger Than That. Bigger Than All of Us.

a book, perhaps?

now hopskip to it!
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